Saturday, December 29, 2007


It's been a fun few days around here. Family came to visit, and in preparation I finished my BSJ.

Admittedly, time would've been better spent by doing such things as cleaning the bathrooms, sorting through the piles of junk that cover every available surface, finishing the painting, or anything else that normal people do to get ready for company.

I do knitting. (Then I stress. Why is my house still so messy? What is that imaginary maid doing, anyway? Shouldn't she be cleaning?)

It's not even like this sweater is for anyone who's coming. It's just going into the charity pile.

Well, whatever. The house ended up being passable and the sweater is done.

I loved making this (but not hiding the ends. There were a lot of ends.)

The next thing I finished could almost qualify as getting ready for company.

I felted the potholders. This would qualify as getting ready if I had actually used them, rather than had them sitting in a pile. The plan was to have nice new ones, rather than the old grungy ones (see pic below).

Why didn't I use them? I don't know.

They came out the right size (see comparision with the grungy old, but favorite one.)

Now, when I was felting them I kept thinking about Catusneedles' comment that if they came out too small I could use them as coasters. Coasters would be fine, but hotpads are the desired result so pay attention to the washing machine!

They turned out good (although I actually forgot about them for a period of time, even though I was sitting in the same room), so I'll have to try them out soon.

The details, as I can remember:
Cascade 220 wool, 2 strands held together, size 15 needles.
Cast on 23 sts, 3 rows garter st, 26 rows st st (with 3 sts garter on each edge), 3 rows garter st. BO. Crochet a loop for hanging. Hide ends and felt.
They were all felted together, but still turned out slightly different in size.

In the past day we've gone from 9 people in this house to only one. (That one would be me.) (Ten, if you include the "devil woman". Jasper finally started tolerating her, just in time for her to go home. )

I'm planning an evening of knitting. How about you?

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Diane said...

Cleaning and painting vs knitting .... hummmm glad to see you made the correct choice and picked knitting. Love the pic of the nose warmer. Think young children would point and laugh if I wore it at the grocery store?