Monday, December 31, 2007


Let's talk about presents.

Here's a magnet that RB gave me for my birthday. I just love cute knitting things.

Is that lady driving a yarn car, or knitting with it?

Next is a picture of what I got for Christmas. (You didn't think I missed out on knitting things at Christmas time, did you?)

Several years ago DH and I decided that I should pick out my present, he should pick out his present, and we'll both be happy.

For this year's present, I chose roving. Two pounds of it from the Copper Moose.

I've been learning to spin on 4 oz. at a time, and while it makes a nice little ball, it's not enough for a very big knitted item. I'm jumping in full force and my goal is to spin enough for a sweater.

The roving wasn't quite the color I was picturing, though. I wanted a red and purple blend, and while I love purple, I don't really need another purple sweater.

What's a girl to do? Buy some more roving, of course.

This is one pound of red. I'll make one strand red and one strand purple and ply them together and it'll give me what I want. (Assuming the whole spinning thing turns out okay.)

Looking around the site (The Sheep shed studio), I saw a couple of other items, and they jumped into my cart.

One pound of grab bag roving:

One pound of brown tones:

And a "thank you" bag:

Think I went overboard?

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