Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Seven truths

I've been tagged by Valeria to do a meme. I'll give it a try, but under pressure I have a hard time coming up with anything. (Oh, the pressure....)

These are the rules:
1. Link to the one who has tagged you. (See above. Valeria so kindly writes her blog in two languages for all of us one-language-speaking people. I thought I'd check out the one that tagged her, and the one that tagged her, and apparently I'm the only one that only speaks one language. Sigh.... Another example of lazy Americans.)
2.Tell 7 truths about yourself-something funny\different.
3. Tag 7 people in the end of the blog. Leave a message in their blog and tell them they have been tagged.

Seven truths about myself:
1. I talk to myself all the time. The kids will occasionally talk back, but I'll tell them not to interrupt me.
2. I had a math/computer science major in college. I try to keep it quiet at work, though, since I can't do math in my head very fast. I was always much better with Calculus than figuring out percentages. (Not that I can do Calculus anymore, but at the time I was good at it.)
3. I knit a lot. (Now really, to the average person, this actually IS something different or funny. Not to you, of course, but to the rest of the world, it is.)
4. I'm tall--5' 9.5". I used to be the tallest one at work, including the guys. I was the person to call to get something off the top shelf. They finally hired a guy about 6'7"--boy was I happy!

(Okay, this is hard. Most of you know all the odd things about me already.... I'm really pretty ordinary.)

5. (You guys will love this one!) At work I'm becoming the one to check for correct spelling--can you believe it? As bad as I've been with spelling, I can still get some words correct. Last week I could spell "necessary" and "attendance". Who knew I still I had it in me?

6. I can take a nap almost anywhere at any time, even during the pounding of a nail gun this weekend. (Pictures will be coming....) I was sitting up, and didn't sleep for a long time, just a couple minutes of shut eye. I thought I was fooling everyone, but apparently I was caught.

7. Hmmm.... one more and then I'll be done.... Something about my personality maybe? I'm laid back, non-confrontational, and pretty quiet. However, I've had two jobs where my supervisor has made the comment "well, we'd better see what Ruth thinks before we continue" so apparently I make my opinions known.

Phew, done. I'll just tag whoever wants to be tagged--you're it!


valéria said...

Thanks ruth for playing with my tagg game ;-) ehm liked to read your 7 truths :) thanks.

Scrabblequeen said...

Hee hee. I think I just found myself on your blog. Name, Ruth. Stay at home mom of 4 with a part time job.....do you look like me too?