Thursday, October 11, 2007


This weekend was spent putting down my dining room floor. I did the heavy job of "supervisor" and "gofer" while my neighbor and son did all the work.

All the tools are also my neighbor's, except for the staple gun (previously only used for yard sales signs, but hey! it also works for stapling the red paper!) However, this picture shows my new tool--a floor nailer! I was going to rent one, but this is more cost efficient (already halfway there comparing the rental with the purchase price, with more rooms to go.)

If anyone needs to borrow a nailer, just let me know!

The room is done except for the finishing work. I can hardly bear to move the furnature back in. Maybe I'll hang some paintings on the wall and call it an art gallery.

The kids are finding it a great place to do homework. (I'm for anything that gets them to do their homework willingly!)

It's getting winter, and time to sew some pajama pants. The floor looks like a perfect place to lay out the material and cut it out, but alas! I might scratch my floor.

Stayed tuned for updates that might even include knitting. (My hoodie is blocking and my purse is inside out.)

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valéria said...

wow, love the floor and good luck with your stapler i just love tools no mather wherefore ;)