Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A bit of sewing

Today I did a bit of sewing.

My hoodie now has a button, so now I can officially consider it done.

I'm not really sure that it goes through the buttonhole, but since I never plan on buttoning it, that shouldn't be a problem.

Now it's time to put away the leftovers--extra yarn, pattern, needles, bag. Sometimes they hang around as long as the UFO does--does anyone else have that problem?

Here's my cabled purse with its new lining (shown inside out).

For some reason, I assumed it didn't need a lining so it was used for several weeks. It sagged, and my keys and phone antenna stuck through the sides. What was I thinking?

By the time I got around to sewing the lining, I also needed to wash the purse. I had talked myself into doing the proper thing and remove it from the handles, to be sewn on again when it was dry. At the last second, I changed my mind, and just washed it with the handles on.

For those of you who assume I had a disaster, I'm happy to report that it all went well. I held the handles while dunking the rest in water and washing it with shampoo. The extra water was squeezed out in a towel, and the purse was set on the drying rack in my dryer to dry. It was put on the lowest temperature, and was checked on often, but it all turned out okay. So there. Sometimes laziness has its rewards.

Now it needs velcro and a new ribbon. Hopefully less time goes by before that gets done (or it might need to be washed again.)

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