Saturday, October 13, 2007


In a continuation of yesterday....

Suggested use #1: Trunk of car. This is not the trunk of my car, since my trunk is icky. However, this is the backseat where I put my afghan before putting it in a nice clean bag before putting in the trunk of the car.

We were on the way to a soccer game, but it wasn't cold enough to use it. Maybe next week.

However, I did wear my completed hoodie. (Completed except for sewing on a button, which I forgot.)

You can see in the background little green shirted people--our team. You can also see the results of our drought. The grass, what there is of it, is brown and crunchy.

My hood: which I knit a loooooong i-cord for, then sewed a seam to encase it. (The edge was naturally curling in, so I didn't really need either, but I made myself do it anyway.)

And, Janice: To counter that beautiful pampras grass, here's a picture of a cute purple flower. (Maybe a morning glory? It was smaller than a morning glory, and it was the afternoon....I dunno.)

Check out the ladybug on the flower.

Next time, they'll be pictures of where this was taken.


valéria said...

Great hoodie!!!

Diane said...

I love your hoodie!

sugarmountain said...

I found the picture of your hoodie on ravelry. I've added it to my favourites... :-)
It really looks great !

Greetings from Italy