Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sleeves are done

A year ago this month I bought wood flooring for 3 rooms upstairs (that is, if you count the hall as a room, which I do). We're getting about ready to put it down, so we cleared out the dining room again. (It was cleared out a year ago, but slowly things have crept back in.)

The kids have decided that this is the perfect room to play golf pool.

It's been okay with me, as long as they stay away from the sliding glass door.

The dining room table in the living room has the surprising effect of us playing games in the evenings.

We dug out the Trionimoes.

(I won. Even while knitting the hoodie's sleeve.)

Then, we played Dominoes. (Not a chance of me beating DH. He'll sit there and figure out what each of us has in our hands. I counter by playing Dominoes just to confuse him. It rarely works.)

As the sleeves got closer to the wrist, they became faster to do. The second one only took 2 days once I saw how fast the first one went.

Finally, the sleeves are done.

Next time I'll remember to take a picture of me wearing it before the rest of the family are in bed. Hard to take a picture of two sleeves, with that whole "holding the camera with one hand" thing that needs to happen. The dog is around, but he's only really good at barking and keeping my lap warm. Taking pictures, not so much.

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