Friday, October 12, 2007

The thing in the box

(A word of warning to anyone tired of my floor: My lovely dining room floor enthralls me so much that I'll be using it as a backdrop for some time to come. When I get tired of that, there will be a living room floor to enthrall me. Just might want to get used to it if you plan on hanging around.)

DD#2 was sliding around the floor when she all of a sudden remembered her felted clogs. She's been waiting for the floor to be laid to try out the sliding. (If you remember from this post, she wore out my pair sliding on the kitchen floor. At least this time, they'll be hers.)

Here's a pose of her sliding:

Here's her actually falling from it being too slippery:

DH and I got a surprise package in the mail today. In it was a new afghan, knit by Janice! It's so beautiful and snuggly and I'm thinking I already have a fight going on with DD#2--"it's so warm and snuggly, mom!"

Back off, girlie, it's mine! (I'll share with DH, though, since his name was on the package.)

In the accompanying note, Janice lists 6 suggested uses for, as she calls it,

"The thing in the box".

Here's a couple of pictures of the afghan using her suggestions:

#6. Spread on new floor for board games or pictures. (I kid you not--it actually says that!)

#5. Put over head and find a quiet spot alone.

My personal favorite.

The rest involve the car and sports games, so I'll include them as they come.

Thanks, Janice!

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Ruth said...

hey i like your blog, but let me warn you now that i well get my share iof the blanket. you just watch.