Monday, October 15, 2007

Corn maze

On Saturday we went to the local corn maze. The family plants the corn, cuts the maze, has the fall "maze" season, then harvests the crop.

There are clues along the way, so if you know details about growing corn, or Cal Ripkin Jr. (this year's theme), then you will be helped. We didn't, but still the girls beat the boys! Yeah! (Not that we were racing, which we decided ahead of time, but still...we won!)

Here's an arial view of the maze.

And here's what it looks like to us:

(Even standing on the bridge, it looks like a sea of corn. Down among the stalks it's more so.)

There were plenty of activities for younger children to do, including a cornbox, instead of a sandbox.

It was definitely a John Deere kind of place.

What's a petting zoo without some lambs?

Definitely a fun-filled afternoon (did I mention that the girls won?).

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Diane said...

My hubby and I got lost in a corn maze a couple years ago. I ended up paying a 14 yr old "corn maze guard" $3.00 to point me the way out. Cheating? Probably but after ending up in the same place 4 times I was soooo over it.