Monday, October 22, 2007

40% done

Starting to work on this UFO again. It took awhile to get going, while I thought about why I stopped.

It was something to do with the sleeve being too big, but what exactly? And what size needles was I using, anyway?

Slowly it came back to me (I had increased every other row, rather than every 6)(size 8's).

I ripped out to the cuff (which is supposed to be belled like that), and continued on.

After getting this far, I checked out the pattern again. To my surprise, these are dropped shoulder sleeves, not set-in sleeves. I missed that totally.

It doesn't much matter at this point, but it just proves that
a) I don't read ahead in the pattern very well (or at all.) and
b) Apparently I also don't get a good look at the picture.

I'm enjoying knitting this again (especially since I see the end in sight), but since I only have one other UFO, I cast on for this project:

This is the Juliet sweater from Zephyrstyle (that apparently I can't remember to bookmark since I just searched for it for the third time).

It's for DD#2, and so far it's turning out lovely. The yarn is 2 strands Bernat Cashmere in a pastel pink on size 10.5's. The yarn is only 5% Cashmere, but was the only thing that DD didn't immediately think was itchy.

Since I bought 10 skeins, and have already used up 4, I should be 40% done, right? I'm hoping that's true, although I'm starting to worry. There's a lace pattern on the bottom half that's longer than the top half.

I started yesterday, and have used up 4 skeins in two days. At this rate, I should be done by the end of the week.

Ya think?


valéria said...

Perhaps...perhaps you'll be done this week...i admire your strength to finish ufo's...i'm terrible with that...won't go there ;)

I had a giggle about you knitting the sleve twice and then it turns out recognizeable. I'm like that too but learned from it so although it bores me out of my mind the pattern reading, i do it to prefent myself from ripping and frogging like i'v nothing else to do ;)

Succes wishes with your projects. I'm going to start on the rogue hoodie today..wish me good luck?

take care.
Valeria :)

Diane said...

Wishing you luck on your UFO. Some projects just give you such trouble.