Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eight down, Twenty to go

Time to show off some socks!

These are new CIC socks that were made with my dyed wool.

40 sts, sz. 4 dpns, 200 yds wool worsted weight, + a bit for the toes.

The pattern is from the 2007 Knitting Pattern-A-Day calendar for Aug. 14, 2007. (Written by Laura Anderson of It's always fun when you recognize a designer's name. She's on one of the groups that I'm on.)

Actually, I didn't really use the pattern per se, just her idea. That is...using a variegated yarn, pick out a color you want to show off (in my case, yellow). Then, whenever you get to that color, purl until the color changes.

In fact, maybe next time I'll reference the pattern more. I have a sneaking suspicion that there's an easier way to handle the color changes in the gusset than what I did.

Quite fun, although it definitely used up more yarn that I thought--a full skein.

Magic 28 is coming along...

I've been in a blah knitting mood. Can't quite decide what to do.....

That was solved when I saw this pattern for the Fashion Cable Knit Bag. The pattern was actually written poorly. I had to flip between 3 pages to complete one row. After retyping it, it went much better. (If I could remember what C5F and T5F stood for, that would help. :)

It's been started a couple of times, but I think this is a keeper.

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Tammy said...

Those socks are really cute. I will remember that idea for future CIC socks.