Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday thoughts

Last time I blogged I added a WIPs picture in my sidebar of Jaywalker socks, and today I provide the picture to prove it.

I'm using Sheepjies yarn, size 1 dpns, and 84 sts (the number of sts in a small sweater with thick yarn, which I could be knitting in the time it takes to make a pair of socks, but I'm trying not to think about that.) It's a very easy pattern to memorize and it's going quickly.

Remember the knitting needles that got lost (shortly after the reading glasses got found)?

Guess where I found them?

Outside. On the deck. Where it rains. And the suns beats down on them. And it's cold and dark at night.

(I figure I picked them up when I momentarily found them, then took them outside with a armful of stuff for a picture-taking session, then promptly forgot them.)

Poor needles.

It's a good thing that they aren't wood. Or bamboo. Or metal. Or plastic.

I forget the brand, but they have this coating that protects them from the elements. They're inside now, all safe and sound, ready and willing to use when I next call on them.

Spinning been going.....normally, I guess?

It's normal to have bumps and thin spots and w...a....y overtwists throughout the first bobbin, right?

And that the second bobbin looks slightly better, but still is nothing to write home about, right?

And that when I ply them together it can best be described as having lots of character, right?

What a lovely lumpy, bumpy hat this will make!


Diane said...

"Rustic" yarn makes great projects.

Cactusneedles said...

Great socks! Glad you found your needles undamaged:)

valéria said...

You're doing just fine ruth :-)Nobody got a perfect yarn straight away...i don't know one though. So it's looking great and when you go over to my blog to the past spinning photo's you also see that it's great *like diana said* rustic yarn :-)

It's your first, your own first spun yarn and that's great!!!!