Monday, August 20, 2007

Example #2

Continuing the last post about a subconscious color theme, remember my Clapotis?

I had taken it with me to Hawaii, and finished it while there.

Well, I had taken other projects to work on also, one of which was making a new newborn size for my WHW soaker wrap pattern. It got completely knitted in Hawaii (I cast off in the Honolulu airport, but it was still in Hawaii, so it counts.) The pattern has been altered, and should be available soon.

The sad thing is that I actually worked on the soaker wrap for awhile before thinking,

"hey....these colors are very similar.....

very, very similar....

hey! this is the exact same colorway!"

(You must be wondering how I get through the day.) (Sometimes I wonder, too.)

I had bought the two yarns during different years that I visited the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. They are both made from Morehouse Merino yarn, but the Clapotis used laceweight, while the soaker wrap used worsted.

I guess when I like something, I REALLY like something!

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