Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A few answers

A few answers:

1. a) Using a glove. b) Now it's headless.

2. Errr.....Ummm......Hey, look at that over there (she says in a distracting kind of way.). I've been ignoring it for a long time, but I just got back to it yesterday. Pictures in a day or two.

3. Yes, these 2 pictures are the same sock. (You might be able to blame some of the problem on the flash.)

4. I guess you can't try on a sock during a conference, can you?

5. Finish the neckline first? But that might be extra knitting. (Not that I did any of that.)

6. Nope, sorry. Too easy for me.

7. Knowledge is power only when you know something more than nothing and aren't just shooting in the dark. (Me: Let's save this change and see what it'll do.)

8. Snow has melted, so don't be jealous any longer. Now we have a mushy mess.

Oh, you want the questions? Ok.

1. Nancy: Now I know this is probably a stupid question, but how did the kids do that hand? BTW, I love the snowman.

2. Janice:
(This is a paraphrase. I ignored this question so much that I deleted it.) What ever happened to the afghan made from knitted stripes?

3. Nancy: Are you sure a darker background would make it look lighter? I would be interested to know the results.

4. Sheila: Better too long than too short, I guess. I was knitting a sock at a conference this last December and I measured wrong. The darn thing was 1.5 inches too short.

5. Marguerite: Also, when trying sleeves on for length I've found it's important to finish off the neckline first. Pulling the neckline together with ribbing or whatever can noticably change the hang of a sleeve.

6. Valeria: If it's possible i knit my sleeves from the shoulders to the wrist, so you can change the length when it's too short. Just reverse the pattern and it's easy. I also enjoy doing that because it's getting quicker when you come to the wrist.

7. Cactusneedles: Yes, but knowledge is also power.

8. Valeria: We have no winter in holland (yet)and don't think it will. I just love winters with snow so ...jealous..

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Nancy said...

Wow! The difference between the two sock pictures is like night and day. I see I'm going to have to do some more experimenting! Thanks for the pix.