Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crisis Averted

A couple of notes:

1. Happy Birthday, Janice! You're not getting older, you're getting better!

2. For those of you who checked this blog earlier today, here's the words to go with the pictures. I had tried to load the pictures and thought there was an error, so was going to try again later. It wasn't until one of my astute readers informed me that it was my bathroom, that I knew. Which leads me to....

3. Yes, it's my bathroom! That's what all the purple was about. DD#1 was home on a l...o...n...g college break, so thought she'd redo the bathroom. I said that that would be fine, as long as she finished it before she went back. (Can you tell where this is going?)

The theme was rubber duckies and we picked out the shower curtain and went from there.

Things rolled along without my help (in a relative way of speaking:
Mom, where's the blue tape?
Mom, she just sat in the paint... can you do something with her shorts?
Mom, they forgot to let me help....
Mom, this prep work is making this NOT FUN at all.
Mom, what do you mean we have to prime first?)

Things continued to get done until the day she left.
Mom, do you want to help paint the polka dots? (This was the day she was leaving, after a basketball game and a soccer game and before a three hour drive.)

I caved.
No, go ahead, we'll take it from here.

So DS#2 and I painted dots. And fixed where we messed up, and added a second layer, and fixed what we messed up. (Any oddball shapes I get to blame on him, and he's doing the vice versa with me.)

As I told DD#1 in a recent email,
Next time, you know that tablecloth and big sheet of plastic that I gave you? They're supposed to be used as drop cloths to catch the paint, not just to get kicked around the floor and get in the way. If you used them to COVER something, someone wouldn't have had to spend hours getting paint drips off every available surface. Not that I minded, you see, not at all. That's what a mother is all about.

You can see in the above picture that DD#2 will be painting some ducks as soon as I remember to buy the paint.

My work is never done.

4. I bet you think I didn't have any knitting content, huh? Well, here it is: my sweater, posing with my favorite fitting sweater.

(This red sweater has been a staple of my wardrobe. I wore to many high school games since it matched the school colors (the kids, not mine--it's not that old), it got a lot of use around Christmas. If the weather is cold, I'm sure I'll wear it around Valentine's Day.)

Anyway, I've been using the red sweater measurements to make MY sweater fit. (That's what I'm calling it...MY sweater.) I tried on MY sweater like a tube top, then laid it on the red sweater. It seems 2-3 inches too wide! Achh!

I'm thinking....that dratted gauge--it got me again.

However, when I let it rest a bit, then laid it out again, it seems to be okay. I guess I stretched it out and and it hadn't stretched back yet.

Phew, Crisis averted.

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Nancy said...

Thank you so much for putting me out of my mysery (curiosity wise.) I had no idea what it could have been... I just assumed it was a knitting project. ;-)