Monday, February 05, 2007


Thought I'd post a Project Spectrum picture or two.

Here's a grey/white picture of my used-to-be-all-black dog. He didn't have a speck of white on him as puppy. But now at age 14? Lots of grey.

Old dogs have learned where the best places to sleep. On the pillow in the middle of the bed. When there's a girl there also, there's a fight for the best place. The dog usually wins.

I've finished the body of MY sweater. It's something that I actually think about when I fall asleep. How soon can I start knitting on it the next day? It's been exciting that it's going so quickly.

It's very stressful trying to get the right measurements, though. I measure, and figure, and knit, and measure, and figure, and knit some more.

The fatal part is when I try it on. I panic and think I need to rip it out. I let it rest, re-measure, and figure it'll be okay. This is why I don't make very many sweaters for myself.

Too much pressure.


Marguerite said...

Is that dog smiling in his sleep?

Diane said...

What a cute dog.

Nancy said...

Great dog picture! I love it.

I had to laugh to myself when I read how you go to sleep thinking about working on your sweater. I do this too. I lay awake thinking of how different bead combinations would look together. ;-)