Saturday, February 24, 2007

The difference the sun makes

In the last 24 hours I have been working on this CIC sweater. It's Marguerite's pattern Cozy in Cables Big Kid Sweater. I'm doing the smallest size, 36" I believe, using the yarn that my dad got for me when he went to a benefit auction. It's Killowen Double Knitting in a rust color by Tivoli spinners, made in Ireland. Using double strands and 50 gram balls, I'm on my second set of skeins already.

I spit-spliced them during today's basketball game. Although I'm used to knitting in public, I'm not used to spitting in public. I chose my moments wisely. During the boys' game, I joined them during a fast break on the floor. (Don't worry, DD, I did not embarass you. Not more than normal, anyway.)

I had 2 comments of "what are you sewing?" and a couple of "wow, that's going to take you a long time to do." (Not really, I cast on 24 hours ago.)

In the last 24 hours, I knit at basketball practice, while monitoring a baseball game (checking it out online while at home), at a basketball game, and at a soccer game. All the time I was cold. Not just cold, but freezing. Four different places (including my downstairs) that are incredibly cold. It's like there's no heat on. I kept my coat on at all times. (Except at my house. Then I was bundled up in a blanket.) Plus, I went to the grocery store. Ever walked down the produce aisle? Or the frozen food section? There's only so much coffee I can drink, people, something's got to give.

Now I have to interject that if you haven't tried Marguerite's patterns, you need to. (this one, or any others. They're all equally well written.)

I am normally an exact pattern follower, keeping a copy underneath the edge of my leg so I can refer to it each row. This pattern? I actually memorized it (the cable pattern part, not the whole thing) so I could do it without the pattern. That shows how well it's written. Interesting, but still easy to memorize.

Why the title, you ask? Obviously if it was summer and the sun was shining down on me I wouldn't BE SO COLD!!!!!

But also, I took 3 pictures of my sweater (thought I'd never get around to it, didn't you?). These are all at the same time on the same deck, just turning around and snapping.

This one is a bit too dark, although I like the sunshine in the corner.

This one has high contrast. It looks like it's sunset time, but it's really only 3:15pm.

This one has the best definition.

There you go. The difference the sun makes.

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Marguerite said...

Thanks for the kind words. Your Cozy in Cables is looking great. Love that color, one of my favorites.

It's good to know the sun still exists. We're sure not seeing it this weekend in SW Michigan.