Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend update

Seeing that I had lots of sitting around time yesterday, I managed to finish this prayer shawl.

Marguerite: It's Lion Brand Homespun color 318 Sierra on size 13 needles. K3, P3 pattern using 57 stitches. It used almost 3 skeins. (I'm helping to prevent frown lines on Marguerite's face by posting the yarn specifics. You're welcome. Check out her blog--she posts lots of pretty bird pictures, among other things.)

This will go to someone undetermined yet that is going through some kind of crisis. The hope is that the shawl will bring her comfort as she goes through it. Two ladies in my church started a prayer shawl ministry in our church, so they get to distribute it. (My challenge was to pray for someone, while knitting, who I don't know who it is yet, or what she's going through. Quite a challenge, but one I'll do again soon.)

Valeria: I have worse sentence structure than usual. If you can't figure it out, don't worry. People born speaking English are having problems, too. (Haven't you been a busy blogger, lately? For those of you that can't read Dutch, she adds an English translation. Anyone want to write one for me? An English translation, I mean.)

Ruth: (Not me, another one)(Also not my twin cousin.) (Isn't it interesting how many Ruth's I know?): No wood floor yet. However, I'm getting used to plywood.

I've also been working on my socks. A little bit too hard, as you can see. The extra needle marks the spot where I should've started the toe. I guess I over estimated the length of my foot.

This sock went with me to the basketball and soccer games today. (I looked again for my sunglasses where I had dropped my stuff last week, but they weren't there. I figured that since it didn't look like it had been cleaned lately, that they might've been hanging around, but nope.)

Marguerite: Plain vanilla sock, Lanett Superwash on size 1 needles. This yarn was from MD Sheep and Wool festival from....errr....2005.

Nancy: Dark sock with a light colored wall. It needs a darker background so that the sock doesn't look this dark.

I've been needing more stitch markers for awhile now. I had a bunch on my Clapotis (Morehouse Merino laceweight--I think--size 8 needles. 10% done since last summer. Languishing in UFO land.) Finally, I realized that it would take about 4 minutes to remove the markers and replace them with snips of yarn.

My brain is slow, but effective.

Janice: I got this yarn from MDS&W from 2006, but they also have a website where they post a daily free pattern. I buy lots of yarn online, and haven't had a problem yet.

Nancy: I cropped out my foot where it snuck into the photo.

I've also been working on MY sweater. (Grey: Cascade 220, Purple: Paton's classic wool. Green: no longer used. Size 7 needles, classic raglan sweater using Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system. Tweeked a bit.)

I haven't posted pictures because they look just like the last set.

You'll have to take my word for it that:

The first sleeve was ripped out and reknit as a solid color. The second sleeve was knit, added on an inch longer and 2 stitches wider, then the first sleeve was ripped out to the armpit and reknit to match. (Aren't all the stitch markers lovely?)

Then, since the raglan was also made longer both under the armpit, and up top, the body was ripped out to the armpits and reknit.

It looks exactly the same, but trust me, reknitting was done here.

I just thought you'd like to see my pattern as I have it written down:

It reminds me of my physics cheat sheet in college. We were allowed to bring one piece of paper to our tests. This could have anything on it that we wanted, but it could only be one piece. We put in all our formulas and lots of sample problems. I wrote extremely small, and would section off each problem with it's own little box. We were also encouraged to study the old tests, and I would have lots of those problems on my cheat sheet. One test, I had 4 or 5 exact problems on my sheet that were on the test. That day, 12 of us got 100%, and the teacher switched the way he made the tests.

On that note, I'm off to knit.


Nancy said...

Well Ruth, actually I did see part of your foot sticking out in that sock, I just figured you were making it to go with your knitted half gloves. (snicker, snicker)

Are you sure a darker background would make it look lighter? I would be interested to know the results.

Sheila said...

Wow, that's alot of knitting. Better too long than too short, I guess. I was knitting a sock at a conference this last December and I measured wrong. The darn thing was 1.5 inches too short.