Monday, February 12, 2007

Reasons why not

While I appreciate all ya'll's good suggestions concerning MY sweater, I couldn't do any of them for the following reasons:

First and foremost: Remember the title of my last post? It was "Let's pretend". Pretending that it was still Wednesday and that I hadn't totally ripped it out already (I hadn't told you that yet, but that was part of the next planned post.)

Second: I didn't really want to buy more yarn to make 2 sweaters the same. The grey was bought on ebay, and the eggplant was bought in October. Not a chance of matching the dyelots.

Third: Overdyeing the grey wouldn't work because it had a yellowish cast to it that would stay to fight with the green no matter what shade it was. (Sorry--bad sentence. Valeria: don't try to understand it.)

Fourth: I own very few sweaters (preferring to wear DS#1's leftover long sleeved t-shirts that mysteriously shrunk in the wash), and even fewer handknit ones. I can count three that are in my closet, and two are from the early 90's. Therefore, I don't really need two that are exactly alike except for the color.

Fifth: Not only was there color problems, but there was also fitting problems. Remember my careful measuring? Not so good in... real life. Or in...real sweater. I need the sweater body an inch longer, same with the sleeves. The sleeves also need to be wider to have more stitches at the top for the raglan (to accomodate my wide shoulders.)

Therefore, I ripped out the sleeve back to the cuff, increased four stitches when switching to stockinette, and continued on.

Now that I knew what I was doing, I took it to Saturday's sporting events.

Here's a blurry picture of DD#2's basketball game. DD#2 is in yellow and is the tall one in the middle. She scored 5 points on Saturday!

After swinging by baseball registration, we went to DS#2's soccer game. (I'm not actually sure which one he is. I'm guessing he's in the yellow in the middle.) They won also, and DS scored a goal.

He also played goalie for one half. Since the score was 8-0, he was quite bored.

As I knew it would happen, I dropped my knitting between the bleachers and onto the gross floor below. DD had to lay on her stomach to reach the various supplies.

My sunglasses are still down there somewhere.


valéria said...

Hi ruth,

oh you've such a sweet dog, i love him.
Don't worry about the sentence i'm worse i guess??? ;-)(ok i'm certain off it):-)

Don't you agree that when you think you'll lose something you will??? i'm sorry about your sun glasses, but at least you've your sleeve back.

Take care.

Diane said...

You did receive some wonderful suggestions. Doesn't it suck when you can't talk yourself into not frogging a project? I always seem to knit way too much before finally taking a good look and realizing that my item looks like crap and no amount of squinting will make it right.

Hate when you drop stuff in gross, dusty places.