Friday, January 12, 2007







I've been screaming this inside my head (not continuously, but enough that you might think I've gone over the edge) for the past 2 days.

Can you see why?

Say it with me, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo..................."

(At this point I took a break to finish cooking supper and eat it. Many times I've been blogging and burned supper. This time I set a timer.)

No matter how carefully I spliced together that second ball of yarn, I still managed to knit it OUT OF ORDER.

Things were fine until I did the heel. On sock #1 (left) I carried the variegated yarn up the heel, then started knitting with it again when the heel was finished. On sock #2 (right), I forgot to carry the yarn, so instead I broke the yarn, immediately picked up the end, and started knitting with it. was the wrong end.

As unbelievable as that sounds (I didn't even put the sock down to answer the phone. Or eat a piece of chocolate), it's true.

Not only that, but instead of noticing it during the next couple of rows, I didn't notice until I was almost done.

How did this happen? I have absolutely no idea.

Why didn't I notice sooner? Well, I assumed that I was doing it correctly. (A bad mistake, people).

Now, instead of ripping out the heel like I considered, now I have to rip out the whole entire foot!!!!

I know, I don't really have to rip it out, but after all the work splicing yarn together to make sure it would match, I'm not giving up now.

I'll be working on it as soon as it comes out of time-out.

Simply Unbelievable.


valéria said...

Oh my... that's not good is it??? Oh you poor thing....well take your loss and be brave...

I guess you don't really have to rip it do you??? But i understand that you're not ok with that as what you said, you didn't take all that hard work of splitting the yarn and so be taken over through such bad luck.

I also have some stupid mistakes sometimes. I think it's because you've done it so many times that you take it for granted and now you're confronted with the fact that knitting your own socks isn't something to take for granted!!

I do love the socks and think you already did a great job!! But it's about how you think of take a deep breath, a large piece of chocolate, perhaps a strong coffee to go with it!!!

I'll be thinking off you..
take care.

Marguerite said...

I understand and you have my sympathy.

You'll feel better when it's frogged and you've started reknitting.

They're very pretty socks.

Nancy said...

I think they're beautiful and unique. I don't know much about knitting, so I guess to me that's why it doesn't matter that it doesn't match. I always botch up my clay workings, but I figure they are truly one of a kind.
So you just have two socks of a... different kind. ;-)