Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reasons Smorgasbord

Here are my reasons for not blogging:

1. I've been busy, because
2. There are 6-8 people in my house at all times, and
3. They seem to want to eat dinner, EVERY DAY, and
4. That takes a lot of dishes, that
5. Need to be washed, just so that
6. They can be used for dinner the next day.

And also,
7. I haven't been knitting as much (see the above reasons), plus
8. All the above people are on vacation (excepting 1 who is in college and has boundless energy to both work and goof off.) so they want to
9. Hang around and talk, and
10. Play games until late at night (which requires snacks).

And then,
11. These people (especially the college-aged ones) are always on the computer, or sleeping, or coming, or going, and
13. ALWAYS! (This doesn't really relate to not-blogging reasons, but I decided to get it off my chest. You know how when someone's taking a nap in his/her room, then the only thing that you can think of to do is to vacuum his/her room? I've felt that for 2 weeks now. I love my family, but there should be a rule that there should be no sleeping during the daytime--unless it's me. Then it's allowed. And encouraged.)

I could also mention
14. Being sick (stupid cold)
15. Working in a retail store at Christmas time (picture long lines of tired people who at various times who would tell me, "This is the last thing, and now I'm done." Gee, that's nice for you. I'm not sure I've started yet. And here I should mention a heartfelt thanks to my DH (not that he ever reads my blog) for taking care of all the misc. Christmas stuff. THANKS from the bottom of my tired feet! And sniffly nose.)
16. A s......l.......o........w modem that makes blogging a painful thing at the best times.
17. No easy project on the needles, so when I'm talking, or playing games, I have no mindless knitting to do.

That's my reasons for not blogging. Pick one or pick them all!


valéria said...

Hi Ruth,

just reading it makes me tired wow...... wish you a happy new year!! And i come bye sometimes and still enjoying your blog so i read it ;)
Hope that you'll be fine now and that the cold keeps running...not your nose but away from you and your family.

Take care..

Diane said...

See ya feed them once and then they expect every day.