Saturday, January 20, 2007


A new pair of wristwarmers are finished, unblocked, and lying on a wrinkled placemat. Bad photography setup--but at least I set them in front of a window for natural light.

That's right, my wrinkled mis-shapen items have good lighting. If only I wasn't so impatient I could get a good photo. I'll have another opportunity, though, as these are waiting a matching scarf.

Maybe they can be artfully arranged in some snow (not that we've had any yet all winter, but there's always hope. At least until April.)

Previously I told you that we have purple things happening at my house. Here's the first picture:

And here's the first hint: It's non-knitting related. (Although, wouldn't that make a nice sweater?)


valéria said...

Hi ruth,
i just love those wristwarmers. If you didn't say anything about the underground or so i wouldn't have noticed it because those w.w are so nice!!

Well done!!! I think i'll try your pattern soon. I want them also..... :-)

take care.

Nancy said...

About the polka dots... it's the "Twister" game, right? ;-)