Saturday, January 13, 2007


While I so wanted to go with the opinion of "leave it as it is", I knew that I needed to follow Marguerite's advice and redo the sock. So I did.

I feel much better now. I was even able to do the knitting part at an indoor soccer game today. Amidst all that loudness, I don't think I made a mistake. If you see one, please don't point it out to me. The ends have been hidden and they've been washed.

I think I forgot to mention that they are for CIC. From now until March 31st the challenge to knit big, for the big kids. These just barely go my my 9 yr. old DS's big feet, so I think they'll be just right.

With all this blogging, I forgot to show my big Christmas present this year. Anyone recognize it?

How about now?

It's the Knitpicks Options interchangeable needles set. I knew about it way before Christmas (because....well....I ordered it myself.)

I anxiously anticipated using them. I had opened the shipping package--to make sure all the pieces were there, you see. Other than that, though, I hadn't touched them.

It was fun to open the present at Christmas, but since then I've been slightly afraid to use them. (Plus I was busy--and sick--and busy with all that cooking supper and avoiding cleaning and all.)

Today I finally organized the needles in their cute little pouches.

Soon I will get up the courage to use them.

Soon, very soon.


Diane said...

The socks came out beautiful but of course I loved them before you frogged them for not matching.

Marguerite said...

The socks are gorgeous. Put them someplace you can see and admire them before it's time to send them in.