Monday, January 08, 2007

Curious, are we?

From the comments I've received, ya'll are curious about my pile of scrap yarn. Well...let me explain.....later.

First, here's a couple of totally unrelated pictures.

Here's what my dad gave me for Christmas. They came from China--when he was there.

Aren't they pretty? And you also know that they are being shown on the table where the penguins were yesterday. (For the life of me, I can't think of what they should be called. I'm pretty sure they're silk. Table runner? Really big coaster? Somebody help me out.)

That's right. I've started to clean up the Christmas decorations, starting with the penguins. If I keep going at this rate (which is r...e...a...l...l...y stretching it out) I might meet my goal by the end of the week.

Now, this next picture may seem odd, but believe me--it's exciting.

I recently found Hershey's Special Dark cocoa in the grocery store.

Check out the dark cocoa (right) compared to the regular cocoa (left).

It's really, and I mean really, dark. Almost black. Wonderful.

I made chocolate inside-outside cookies for my son to take back with him last week. (That's our name for them. You might know them as chocolate no-bake cookies. They have oatmeal and peanut butter in them.) They were black.

And I gave them all away. I only got to lick the pan. And eat just one while I was packing them up. (Okay, all together now: "Aww, you're such a good mom!")

I plan on making more soon. To share of course. (Especially for DD#2 who says "why don't you make cookies just for us?")(Okay, but she doesn't get to lick the pan.)

Side note for Valeria: It scares me a bit to hear that you are learning more English by reading my blog. You should know that proper English writing doesn't have all these (parentheses). And proper sentences don't start with "and" or "but". Please keep that in mind.

But I digress....

Here's a picture of my yarn puzzle--just to show that I've been working on it.

And here is what my pile of scrap yarn is becoming. Half of it, anyway.

The other half is becoming this:

A sock! I'm taking all the scraps that are too small for anything else, cutting them in half, spit splicing a half of each color together, and knitting the stripes. (The brown is a ball of Paton's Classic Wool.) At the same time, I'm creating the other ball of scrap yarn, splicing the scraps in the same order as for the other sock.

So far, so good. Looks good, the other sock should match (that's my plan, anyway), and no knots because of the spit splicing. The only problem is the constant stray piece of wool in my mouth from the spit. Plus the gross-out factor. Especially if Goldfish crackers are eaten at the same time which they might've been tonight.

Like my project?


valéria said...

Hello Ruth,

here i am again....
Thank you for your advice i'll notice it! No sentence starting with but or and...ok ;-)
Always nice to learn xx

Don't worry, i also read other blogs... ;-)

I think that your sock is going to be lovely!! I realy do..
I also think that's it's a great job splitting yarn etc. I've seen that and am very curious if it will stick when you wash your socks.

The chinese items are beautifull.
I think it's a place mat (is that an english word?? think so)
You use them on your dining table and put your plate on it.

The smallest one is for your drink and the other one for side dishes.
Of course it should be a bowl instead off plate but guess you're no chinese??? ;-)

As a real dutchie...i must tell you that the black cacao is the real one, it should be black!! otherwise it's not the real thing.

I don't know what they put in the other ones but grinded cacao beans is black powder.
It's realy great and it's easy to buy here. Not showing off, just telling :-)

take care and thank you for your nice blog.


Diane said...

Great idea for the socks. I love spit joints but I keep a glass of water on the table and use that so it doesn't disrupt my coffee drinking.

Uummmmmm dark chocolate.........

Nancy said...

Love the colors in your sock!!!

Nancy said...

I love the colors in your new socks! What a cool way to use your extra yarn.

Kelley said...

Great sock idea. I'll have to file that away for later . . .