Saturday, January 27, 2007

HA! A swatch!

Immediately after blogging yesterday I fell asleep on the couch so no sweater progress was made.

However, today I managed to do this:

Yep, that's my swatch. With the right yarn and with the right needles. (The holes stand for the needle size. Six holes is for size 6 needles and seven holes are for size 7.)

I figured out the gauge and then measured my two most favorite sweaters. Amazingly enough, they were the same size.

Here's my pattern as written so far:

I'm ready to cast on, and if I don't fall asleep again, there should be some progress by tomorrow.

The raglan issues will resolve themselves in time (don't want to hurt my brain by thinking ahead). Valeria sent me this link to Drops Designs that has tons of patterns for everything imaginable. (Thanks, Valeria!) I found a raglan pattern on the first page that's constructed like mine. Soon, I'll read it.

Purple Hint:
Although Nancy's guess that I got a new Twister game was amusing, it was also incorrect. Here's another clue:

Need another?

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