Saturday, January 13, 2007

2006 roundup

Even though this would've been a good New Year's post and now I'm behind, I'm still going to do it. (Hey, if I haven't sent out Christmas cards yet, I'm not too late for a New Year's post. Notice that I say "yet" as in "I'm still considering doing them".)

I counted up what I knit in 2006, and I knit:

2 adult sweaters (Rogue and Purple Passion)
2 scarves
1 hat
6 pr. handwarmers
1 bunny
4 pr. adult socks
1 baby sweater
5 pr. baby socks
1 oven mitt and 2 hot pads

For CIC, I've knit:
10 pr. socks
7 pr. handwarmers
6 vests
4 sweaters
1 shawl

It was fun to look through my pictures, but made my new "to-do" list get longer. (Oh, yeh, I want to make another sweater, or some more hot pads for me, or...)

To add to today's excitement, I took down the Christmas tree. And put it in the shed (as opposed to the middle of the floor for the next 3 months.) And I cleaned the coffee pot.

It was a good day.

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