Sunday, January 14, 2007

Boring title #24

Not only have I taken down the Christmas decorations, but I've put on my Valentine's tablecloth. (Coming to dinner with sunglasses is accepted.)

I'm a bit jealous that there are at least 2 of you that are totally unique. No one reported in that there are more of you than more of me. Hmmph.

In knitting news, I've been working on a couple of different things.

I've finished the back of my teal cardie, and have started the sleeve. (Twice. The first time I was confused on which needles were the bigger ones. Sometimes I think I have a brain the size of a dinosaur's. And the grace to match.)

Also, my sock is nearing the heel. Soon, anyway.

The prayer shawl is also making progress.

If you look closely, you can see the change of skeins (orange line on left side, rather than a subtle blending in). I looked carefully at where to join this yarn, but the orange on the left almost-but-not-quite matched the orange at the cast on point. The beginning section of the new skein matched no part of the old skein. (Yes, the dyelots are the same.) How crazy is that?


valéria said...

Hi ruth..couldn't you send out a warning before i opened your blog??? :-D...oh my eyes....they'll be sore for the rest off the day so thank you..a lot... ;-) just kidding...i wouldn't put that on my dining table but perhaps that's also because it's so full of mess that it's not possible to lay enything out there....

Think the teal cardi looks great by color. Had to search that word teal and found out it had to do with the color. I thought about tail..ok it's still early in the morning here in the netherlands..a good excuse??? its 7:07 am.

Socks are nice and think you have someting with colors?? It's a colorweek perhaps???

greetings from a dull holland that has more an autumn weather than a winter...:-S

Diane said...

I think you'll be the only one that notices the orange line in the shawl. Everyone else will just see how beautiful the colors are.