Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Catching up

(I'm going to catch up a bit and pretend that it's still last week....)

It was only fitting that since I started this shawl on the way to DS#1's Super Regional Tournament, that I finished it during his JUCO World Series game. This time we just listened to it, since it was out in Colorado. He pitched a great game, they won 4-2, he got 11 strikeouts. (the team won two, then lost two before finially coming home. 5th place in the nation is not too shabby!)

And the shawl got finished.

It was slightly small, so I washed it and hung it up to stretch it out a bit, which it did. Now it's good to go.

I've had a good thought lately, which is to knit a tiny something for two coworkers who are due soon. Actually, one's last day is Friday, and this is her sweater:

I don't know. It may not get done. And the other keeps having contractions, so I may not get anything done for her either. I'm going to keep trying, though.

This is still my first Sixth Sense sock. This should be the easy part.
But it's not. I'm going to have to break out my reading glasses so that I can see what I'm doing.

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