Sunday, June 25, 2006

The finishment of little things, and the start of something big.

It's been a week of working on the little things. Little socks, little hat, and more little socks. Tonight was the night of hiding the ends. Soon it will be the night of washing them all.

The second baby gift is done. Check out the Ugg booties and hat. They'll fit next winter...if the baby has monstrously fat feet. Or if they're tied on real tight.

Maybe it's all in perspective, and would look normal if the doll socks weren't in the same picture. I don't know. But the blue/green variegated socks, next to the hat, are hers also, so maybe they will fit, at least.

The teal/red socks are more CIC socks from this pattern. They're my second attempt ever at toe up socks. The cast on I used left a ridge, so I think I'll try Knitty's magic cast-on next.

In making the stripes I attempted holding one color of yarn in each hand while I knit. I've heard about this method a lot, and skimmed through an article once, but to do it I just winged it. Seems about right--nothing twisted or mis-shapen. The ribbing (if you can call it that), is not very stretchy, though, so I might need to try out something else next time.

(For those keeping up with my baseball knitting, there was a tournament for my youngest, so I finished the 2 CIC socks and 1 doll sock.)

I've finished 2 more pairs of doll socks, on the way to finishing my pattern. I'm also writing the doll soaker pattern for hand knitting. Both these should be done soon.

Posting about the patterns should make me finish them soon, right?

After knitting all these small projects, I needed something big, so I cast on for a new Clapotis. This one is made with lace weight Morehouse Merino. This is the first time that I've knit with lace weight, so we'll see how it goes.

Here's a picture of our gladiolus that DD#2 has planted in the front yard. The recent spell of hard rains haven't been kind to the row of flowers, but they're mostly still standing.

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Nancy said...

Oh my! I have seen these in front of your house and I love them! As for us, we have wild trees going where we don't need them. Ugh!
Not to mention copperhead snakes in the backyard. Haven't told the other Ruth this yet....