Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NYC and baseball

Took a trip to NYC this weekend where I did lots of knitting and watched lots of baseball. Brought 3 projects this time, which was smart. They were nice, easy knitting, plus a sock for when I could concentrate (which rarely happened.)

Spending time using up that tapestry yarn stash that I got in a thrift store a couple of months back. It's been great for the CIC toddlers' vests. Made some taupe skeins variegated by dyeing them blue and purple. Stuck pieces of 4 skeins in a crock pot and dyed them at the same time--worked great!

Started a CIC shawl on the trip up. It's knit using 2 strands variegated and 1 strand solid taupe using size 15 needles. It's a basic dishcloth/baby blanket pattern that I'll be stopping before the decreases.

Here I am on Day 1. That's my MIL on my left. She (and most of the other parents) couldn't understand how I could be so calm and knit while my son was pitching. I tried to explain that it was actually keeping me sane. It was either that or eating continuously throughout the game. (We're not anti-social. It's just that with so many seats, and only family that came, we all spread out.)

It worked really good.....until......I ran out of yarn.


I RAN OUT OF YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By then we were nearing the 9th inning. Little did I know that I had to make it to the 11th inning before we won.

Feel my pain, people.

My DH had a moment of panic. "What? I have to ride the whole way back with you, confined in a car, with no yarn?"

"No, dear, just until the end of today. I have some more in the room."

Then, my MIL happens to mention.... "There's a store nearby my house. Has lots of yarn." (I actually heard this twice, assuming the first time that it meant acrylic.)

Then she says, "I think it's called Smiley's."


There's a Smiley's near you and I didn't know?

So, the whole day before, when there was a rain delay and we were sitting around the house, I could've been shopping for yarn??????? I would've gone out in the rain for that!

Here's a picture of the field. It's the Staten Island Yankees (single A) on...Staten Island. It looks out onto the water. That's Manhatten in the background. We could see the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty is out in the water (hidden by the big black sign.)

That's my son pitching--10 innings, 155 pitches, and 14 strikeouts. Phew.

On Day 2 I have replentished my yarn and am continuing on the shawl.

It was another nail-biter. We won this one in 10 innings--4 and a half hours later. Then a third game, which thankfully only took the regular 9 innings.

Here's a better picture of the shawl.

For variety, I did a couple more vests. These are using little skeins of tapestry wool, switching off when a skein is complete.

My yarn made it the whole way home. The team won the tournament and are off to the JUCO (Junior College) World Series in Colorado.

A good weekend!

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