Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hammock knitting

I'm sparing you a "knitting at the baseball game" picture, and instead am providing the "knitting while in a hammock" picture. (Although I did both in the same day. Knitting in a hammock. Such hard work.)

These are my really ugly hammocks (but no, they don't match my really ugly afghan. Ugly doesn't seem to match with anything.)

I got a bolt of this material free from somewhere. We used up bits and pieces over several years, and finally I finished the bolt with two hammocks.

If you take a good look at the above picture, you'll notice that they are tied to the same, not very big, tree. Smart idea? Not so much. The tree bents slightly inward and the swaying of one hammock makes the other move and jiggle a bit.

So far nothing has collapsed, not even with 2 kids swinging together.

Cake decorating for the week:

We made shell borders. And clowns. Mine are taking a nap.

It was DS#2's turn to decorate a cake when I got home.

Don't worry, next week is a baseball tournament for DS#2, so I'll be doing plenty of knitting then.

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