Friday, March 18, 2005

Climbing the walls....

Literally--Climbing the walls!!! I have to thank my good friend Lori for Jesse learning this skill. Umm....thanks, Lori! (Or to be exact, thanks Lori's kids!) He hasn't broken anything yet, so I guess it's okay.

Not only can he climb the walls, he also does hallways, but tends to upset DD#1 whose bedroom is on the other side of the wall.

And he didn't just climb it, but actually stood there while I went downstairs, got the camera, and came back up.

I felt like I was climbing the walls a bit myself today. Went to the state capitol on DD#2's field trip. There were all these warnings: no cameras! no phones! no backpacks! lunches in clear bags! So....I didn't chance it and took no knitting. But 90 min. in bus staring out the window just seemed like wasted time. (Okay, 90 min. on the way up, but not much on the way back since I took a nap.)

I've only knit a couple of rows since I came home, so not much to show.

However, I did get this nice Thank You Card from my Bohemian Chemo Cap recipient. She's quite crafty herself--I'm thinking there was some embossing going on, and maybe some handmade paper. Very nice!

She said that the cap was by far the softest cap that she owns. Yeah!

In other news, I've been on a book buying spree this week. Normally I buy nothing--just check them out of the library for free. I make good use of the internet, there's such a wealth of patterns and knowhow out there. But this time, I couldn't resist.

I have checked out a copy of this book 3 times since Christmas, and renewed it several times to boot. Yes, this is a picture of the Celtic braid blue(no, purple) scarf that I plan to make.

Finally I gave up and bought it from my LYS. Another good friend (also named Ruth!) picked up 2 books for me at the library used book sale. And I've ordered 2 books online.

Somebody stop me!

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