Thursday, March 03, 2005


You'd think that if I titled this post "Brown!", that I'd show you some brown yarn, right? Nope, it's purple. And blue. It's my CIC shawl that with some newly dyed blue yarn. I figured I needed more yarn, and I'd never be able to dye some to match the purple, so aimed for coordinating. Dyed it first with purple to get the variegated effect, then over-dyed with blue. Hoping to get done with this soon--but it's taking forever to get one row done!

Here's some brown. I've been exiting my purple phase and entering a brown phase. The bottom yarn is my first handspun skein. I know--its just like a baby that only its mother loves, but it's beautiful to me! The top left is yarn from and is a gorgeous brown and pink mix. The other multi-colored yarn is hand-dyed Fisherman's wool in shades of green, brown, and orange. (I was really aiming for a brown/green mix, but the orange just snuck in there!)

Here are pics of how they knit up. Both are for test soakers that are flying to their destinations.

And this thrift store find,

has become this...
plus a front section in the trash. Should've thought: zipper=sewn edge. Had to rip it all apart to find out. I'm not loving the process, but I'll keep working on it for a bit longer. Maybe it can be another dyeing experiment.

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