Saturday, March 12, 2005

The baby of the family

Come on, now. Have you ever seen a cuter baby than this? I mean, really. How cute is he? (I realize that if you've had 3 children, that you've seen 3 babies who are cuter, and I have 3 that are just as cute. But still. Cute is cute.)

Well, this little baby turned 8 years old yesterday. It happened in the blink of an eye. 8 years old. But always the baby of the family. Just like me.

He's had a hard life with 3 older siblings telling him what to do. And picking on him. And doing things that he's too little to do yet. But he's also tougher than first-borns his own age. He has to be, just out of self-preservation.

I tell him that being the baby has its advantages. Lots of toys to play with. Older siblings to drive you places. And the very big fact that his parents are so worn out from the 1st three, that we're more apt to say, "sure, go ahead, whatever."

Hence, his birthday party sleepover yesterday. Six boys spent the night, how crazy am I? DD#2 says "how come I didn't have a sleepover when I was 8?" Umm....I dunno. Because. That's the best I answer I can give.

But really, it went quite well. No fights. Or missing mom (or dad). Or injuries. Therefore, a success!

(Note to self: insert 8 yr. old pic here when DD#1 brings the camera home. When she comes home. If she comes home. )

(Note to DD#1: It's safe to come home--they're all gone!)

A bit different, huh? Jesse's in his favorite pose. Why he does this, I don't know. Instead of a regular cake, he opted for cupcakes decorated with gummy worms. It was a challenge to get all 8 candles on one cupcake, but we did it.

To update on the stolen (by me) needles, DD#2 did notice them missing in less than 24 hours. I apologized, and assured her that she can have them back whenever she wants them. Only, that's no longer true.

Because one's missing!!!! I can't believe it. For more than (insert your guess) years, I've known where they were. That's what I get for bragging about them yesterday. Hopefully it will turn up soon. I'm pretty sure that it's not in the most obvious place (under the couch cushions), because I turned the couch upside down yesterday in a effort to clean. Much quicker than vacuuming all the nooks and crannies. Just one quick dump, then vacuum the floor. And maybe eat the old M&Ms. (Not saying I DID, just saying that it's easier.)

Time lapse of 5 minutes: Found needle NEXT to knitting bag. Who would've thought to look NEXT to the bag? I mean, IN the bag, yes, NEXT to the bag, obviously NOT.

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