Saturday, March 12, 2005

Soaker: Leghole adjustment

About 4 months ago, I had a customer who loved her baby's soaker, but the leg holes were getting a bit tight. She asked me if I could make them larger, which I did.

I debated about removing the leg cuffs and undoing part of the side seam. While that would make the leg cuffs larger, that might seem to make the rise smaller. So, I decided to add rows to the crotch area that would also add a bit to the rise. (It had already been worn for a couple of months, and you know how fast babies grow!) This meant taking the soaker apart to then add the rows. Here's some pictures, with what I did.

This is before doing any work. It's Fisherman's wool, dyed yellow with Wilton's icing colors.

I decided to rip off the leg cuffs (which are knit on last). Carefully picked out all the yarn to save as much as I could. (I usually end up with inches leftover, so this step was necessary.)

I threaded my 16" circ. needles thru one row, catching one loop for each stitch. Then, I skipped a row and threaded the green yarn thru every stitch the same way. I checked to make sure that the stitches didn't go up or down a row by counting how many down from the top.

Then, I cut the yarn in the middle of the in-between row. I didn't cut at the end of the row because I wanted enough leftover ends to weave in at the end.

Here's a picture of it all apart.

Next, I loaded the row held by the green yarn onto the other end of the circs. and knit 6 more rows, using leg cuff yarn. This will give the leg cuff about an inch more room.

The two sides were then grafted together using the Kitchner stitch. I didn't take any pics of the process, because that's always a tense time at my house--will it be invisible? Not too bad, in this case. If you look closely, the yarn itself has a different texture, but that will resolve itself when washed.

Then I reknit the leg cuffs. Of course, I no longer had enough yellow, so I dyed blue yarn to coordinate with the matching top. (Again, no picture, but it's a cute celestial print.)

The end result was loved by customer and baby alike!

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pamelamama said...

Excellent work! Very impressive!