Thursday, March 10, 2005

Who's the thief?

When last we looked, DD#2 was happily knitting away on her project. (Blanket.... doll blanket.... square?) (As a side note, her friend's name is StephANIE. Not Steph. STEPHANIE..... Sorry Stephanie! I knew that. Really, I did. Just saving some typing, which I've now negated by typing StephANIE a bunch of times.) Well, in the middle of the night, her sz. 8 needles have disappeared, and a misc. sz. 7 needle has taken its place. Now, at this point, she hasn't even noticed, but I'm bracing myself for a "M---O----M---!!!!!! I need my needles back!!!"

What could I do? They are my most favorite needles. They were my first pair of needles. I made my first pair of mittens on them in 6th grade. (Fluorescent green, I think they were.) I mean, you know, they have memories!

Now, I have no idea how I haven't lost one, or two, since then, but I haven't. They are metal. And they are short. Perfect for the project I started.

See? a set of long needles would just be TOO long. Right? Does that justify being a needle stealer? I'll let you know what DD says when she finds out.

This, by the way, is a teddy bear sweater. I did a couple of sweaters in college with cables, but none since then, so am trying them again. I even made a short cable needle with an end of a dowel rod which you can see on the Irish moss stitches on the right. I know, my ribbing is stretched out. That's to accomodate the bear's big tummy. (Hey, good excuse, huh?) Here's the pattern.

I bought more yarn today. AC Moore has 25% off all yarn this week, so I stocked up on Arauncania Nature Wool (plus a basket...) I have a rule that all the yarn I have must fit into this big plastic container. I'd better start knitting very fast, before I notice that I broke that rule a long time ago!

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