Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. roundup

September, or, as I like to call it, the month of socks, is now completely over. Completing little items has made it look like I've done more knitting this month.

I've made 6 pairs of socks and 1 hat.

Okay, it looked like more until I wrote it down in black and white. Maybe it's not more than usual, maybe it's just the same amount.

I've also done 4 triangles on the Curve of Pursuit afghan. While it's not a finished item, the end is in sight. Look for the CoP to be on October's list of finished items (Even if I have to lug it around everywhere in order to accomplish that).


Lynn said...

Um 6 pairs sound like a LOT to me!!!

valéria said...

Looking at your blog I can only give a big agree with Lynn with thinking it's a truely is and I've been lost with the knitting moyo so I'm looking with astonishment to all you've done while I was slacking....*blush*