Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Jo-jo heel

Here's a preview of week5, socks5. I'm trying out a new heel that I heard being talked about on one of the lists. It's called the yo-yo or jo-jo heel. Over on Tessknits, it's described well, and renamed as the Double-stitch Short Row heel.

It gives a nice, tight heel with no holes or stupid double wraps.
(Wow, I actually wrote "hools" instead of "holes". Sad but true.)

I liked knitting it alot--much better than a regular short row heel.

This is actually second sock. And it's past the heel so it'll be done soon.

60 sts, sz 1 dpns, plain vanilla sock except for the Jo-jo heel.

The directions are not in my head well enough, though. I think I'll do the next pair using the same heel just so it can become more natural to me.

Lucy says, "What's for dinner?"

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TessM said...

Hey, how are your socks coming? Glad you like the heel and that you found the instructions are clear. As you have probably figured out, I too dislike the double wraps, backwards YOs and other shenanigans on some of the short row heels out there! :)