Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Pursuing the Curve

In the last month, I actually did work on something besides socks. I've been knitting on my Curve of Pursuit afghan. Soon it will be cold weather and time to pull out an afghan and snuggle up. And if I want the afghan to be this one, I'd better get cracking.

When last you saw the afghan, it looked like this:

Ten triangle layers had been completed and the eleventh was just started.

Now it looks like this:

Eleven triangles have been completed, with one more to go. And then the border. And then done and ready for snuggling. (Lucy is getting a head start. Why is it that if I actually want a picture of her, I can't get it, but if I don't really care (and vacuum the couch to get rid of the dog fur), then she's all for being the star?)(Yes, I did just do a set of () inside a set of (). As long as I have equal number of left ones and right ones, then that should be okay. Right?)

Since the end is is sight, I've been thinking about throw pillows. Last winter I bought a couple on clearance that clearly don't match, but were way cheaper than a plain pillow form so I couldn't pass them up.

Now, I've been looking for fabric to cover them up. And I found this:

It's a swatch that I ordered from Spoonflower and it just arrived today. If you don't know anything about Spoonflower, it's this great site where you can design your own fabric. I haven't done any of that yet, but I've done plenty of looking around. I first heard about it from Kathleen Taylor's blog where she's designed several fabrics and has been playing with them. (She made color-your-own outfits for 18" dolls, among other things.)

Every week there is a themed contest and it's fun to look through the designs and vote for my favorites. Last Thursday they had a free swatch day...hence my swatch. Here's the fabric that I ordered. I'm thinking something like this. Or maybe something else. There's so many choices!

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