Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More socks!

It's all socks, all the time.

At least it's felt like that for the past week. So much so that I've managed to make 4 more pairs!

Here's the thin socks, plain vanilla on size 1s (and the stripes match!):

Once I finished those, I combined the sock yarn with a vintage Red Heart Worsted Wool yarn in a bright blue for this pair. (28 sts on sz 5s)

Then, I found 4 skeins of Uruguak DK yarn that was leftover from a sweater. It's a blend of merino, alpaka, and silk and super squishy.

I combined it with a brow/black twist sock yarn for the first pair.

32 sts, sz 5 dpns, 34 rows foot length.

And then, these yarns were combined for the second pair.

32 sts, sz 5 dpns, 36 rows foot length.

There is enough DK yarn to make another pair (maybe a smaller pair), but my UFOs are calling me...

(Although, I must admit that I'm pretty good about ignoring them...)

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Great socks!!!! I love combining yarns for thicker socks. You got such great combos!