Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can this lady finish ANYTHING besides socks?

No, apparently not.

I've knitted a couple of rows on a couple of UFOs this past week, but they're nowhere near done. (The afghan? With the ever-growing triangles? It's getting to be a real pain. The triangles just don't want to get done. And I only have 3 and a bit to go. Plus, a big border, but I don't want to think about that right now...)

All I've been finishing is socks. (We've started the fall sports season and really, an afghan isn't very portable, is it?)

Here's the first pair made from Red Heart Heart and Sole in the Rustica colorway.

60 sts, sz 1 dpns, yoyo heel, 9.5" long. These seem to be boy colors; that is, except for the stripe of fushia. It's not a big stripe, but it still seems a bit out of place.

Then, I took the leftover sock yarn and combined it with a sport wt. rust color and got these:

32 sts, sz. 5 dpns, 7.5" long. I ran out of Heart and sole for the feet, so had to substitute a leftover Trekking sock yarn. (No, I didn't yet break into my new stuff.)

It's pretty cool the way they match each other, isn't it?

In 3 days time I attended a field hockey game and 2 soccer games, so here's my next pair:

Did the cuff at home, leg at 1st soccer game, heel that night, foot the next morning at the other game, and toe at night. (It rained the whole way through the game, but with a waterproof knitting bag and with DD#2 holding the umbrella, I was still able to knit.)

Another field hockey game today, another sock to knit. They go together well.


valéria said...

A tiny message to let you know that I'm back... I'll write more later :o)

valéria said...

ps...had to giggle a bit about your chirping ;o) I've lots to tell and I'll try to get my blog updated again but please be a little more patient with me ok?

Ps... socks??? did I hear socks??? perky ears.... you can't knit enough socks in my humble opinion ;o)