Monday, September 27, 2010

A Hat is done

I told my son that I would make him a hat (because I'm pretty sure that I've made a hat or two by now that have turned out well.) It's to go with his soccer uniform on cold days while warming up. (I'm pretty sure there are cold days in the future, although the past ones have either been in the 90s or raining.)

So, I looked for a lettering chart. And got stuck. I printed out 3 charts to try one or the other. He saw what I was doing, and we decided that he would graph the letters himself. And he did.

I told him that the lettering looks just like his writing (Which is rather un-readable so he took this as an insult.) I just meant that it was uniquely his (and it didn't follow the standard sizing that I was used to.)

Anyway, he graphed 2 versions, a big and a little and I knit a swatch of both. He chose the big.

This is the pattern that I worked from. (It's a wonder I could remember what to do where, with the letters 2 spaces closer and the checkerboard all different. But, being too lazy to rewrite it, I used this and once I established the first row it was easy to follow.)

(DD thought I did too much math for a hat, but I assured her that every step was necessary.)

Here's the hat (and the son):

"Hey, do you want your number on there too?"


Now we're just waiting around for the cold weather...

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valéria said...

Great job and that's the son as well ;) I'm sending some coldish weather to you right away ok? It's getting cold over here but heck it's almost november and I'm trying to catch up with all your blogging .....