Saturday, January 10, 2009


Finally, I have finished a couple, or three, projects that have been laying around. (Or have they been "lying" around? I'm gonna go with the laying. Anyway, they're not sleeping but just taking up space.)

These two hats were knitted on the Miami trip, in the airplane and at the hotel. However, I had that pesky finishing to do so there they sat.

Then, DS watched U of Miami play in a bowl game so I kept him company and knit an orange and green hat for old times sake. (He claims we were watching the Emerald Nuts Bowl, while I think it was the Frost Bowl. He claims there wasn't such a thing. Who to believe? Someone who was actually watching the game and routing for his alma mater? Or someone just sitting in the room but knitting with the team colors? You be the judge.)

Anyway, this attempt at fair isle turned out pretty well, for me. The same pattern was followed for all three hats. I used size 9 needles and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride yarn. I tried to hold a color in each hand while fair isle-ing, but when my hands cramped up I switched back to both yarn in the left. I think the best hint I followed was to knit the hat inside out so as to have not-as-tight floats. It seems to have worked well and is a nice warm hat. (They all go into my charity stash and I did the finishing on last Sunday so I covered the "Knit for Others" for the week.) (... I just shouted, "I'm not done!" as I walked away from the computer to find my pattern... These pesky kids.....)
Pattern is Thorpe which lists both the plain and fairisle versions.

And here's a quick look at my new shoes. They're Sketchers (I had to specifically ask DD#1 if they were okay for me--I don't want to look like a teenage-wannabe. She approved them.).

Their main purpose? To show off my socks.

(Okay! Your turn for the computer!)


Lynn said...

I had to lol when I read you had to call out *I'm not done yet* as you got up. I have to do the same thing here!! LOL

Great hats and great shoes for teh socks. I need a similar pair....

valéria said...

Heee those are on my to do list too, I think it's a great pattern and love the ones you made!! Oh yes I've to call out sometimes to dh...stay away from the computer don't put it out.... He doesn't understand my need to be able to go at the computer imidiatly when I want to search for a pattern or a technique or....browsing blogs ;o)

Hope you've a great day.
Take care.