Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

We've finally had our first snow of the year. Yesterday we got a couple of inches--the worst being right when I was driving to work. I saw 5 accidents on a 20 minute drive. The schools were closed early and the drive was much better on the way home. (Plus, it was a nice, quiet day at work--always a bonus.)

Today, I was scheduled to go on a field trip with DS#2. I got up on time, obsessively checked the news and the internet for our school's closing, but there was none. Sigh, jumped into the shower and got completely soaked just in time to learn that the schools were closed. Went back to bed, and got up with a real doozy of a bedhead.

For the rest of the day I basically did some knitting and some watching of TV (We have a DVD of the Gilmore Girls that we've been going through--good knitting TV).

What I've been knitting is a hat. (And I won't even ask if you're surprised.)

This time it's different, though, it's a ski hat for DS#1. He's picked out the pattern and the yarn, preferring wool over acrylic (ah....brainwashing is beginning to work.)

I had him search through Ravelry to find a pattern available on the net, and he found this one. It's knit from the bottom up, but since I didn't know if I have enough green, I've been knitting from the top down. I've been knitting it like this, inside out, to give more stretch to the floats.

Here's what the right side looks like:

The only problem ( and I say that like it's not a big problem), is that it's too small. He thinks it might work, but I think I need to go up a needle size (for the second time, I started with 7s, ripped out and did this with 8s. Now I'll try again with 9s.) I'm pretty sure I'll have enough green yarn, so I think I'll do this version from the bottom up.

Third time's a charm?


I've bought more yarn on eBay. This is Laines du Nord Maxi washable wool in a lovely bubblegum pink.

I bought it at the time with no plan for it. Just a couple of days after it arrived, I knew what it was for.

A couple of squares to be part of an afghan being put together by Elizabeth for Alison, who's really sick. We're hoping that this blanket will "Wrap her up in comfort" and let know how special she is.

Sending some "hugs and kisses" and lots of "love"!


JakkiMitch said...

Hey, if you want more snow, I have some to share:

I'm in awe of knitters who do colorwork. i tried once, many years ago and created a very uneven mess. Your B/W hat is looking very nice.

Lynn said...

Hi!! You get the letter R.

valéria said...

Snow....we can do without now as DH has not much work lately and it's putting our tight budget into a No budget at all so I was fine with it when it was christmas (nope no snow then) so now it may pass our door please??

what a great hat and I like the colors a lot :o) I'm already going off my promise to not start anything new but I might make an exeption for this pattern.

Sending lots of warmt and best wishes to alison I hope she'll be fine soon.

Take care and hugs.