Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Again with the hats

I decided to spend my Knitting for Others time this week on a hat. Surprised?

It's a good way to use up oddballs of yarn, and that was my goal for the day. However, it seems like a little toddler hat shouldn't have so many ends.

Then, I didn't stop until today, when I realized that I had made three.

The oddball stash has been depleted and the hat stash has grown.

Forcing myself to move on.....

I finally started the Cobblestone pullover that I've been planning. I started spinning the yarn a year ago and finally got up enough courage to start the knitting. I quickly found out that the yarn is a bulky weight and not a worsted, which is what I hoped for.

I've started the pattern over twice now, each time going up a needle size and going down on the number of stitches. I started out using a smaller amount of stitches than the smallest size and then went down some more.

The result is still quite a lot bigger than a form fitting sweater,

But just a bit smaller than my heavy, use-as-a-coat, hoodie.

Since it's still hurting my hands, I'll size down the stitches and size up the needles once again. Maybe this time will be a keeper.


Lynn said...

I really like your hats!

Diane said...

Very colorful hats for some lucky little ones. What a great way to use up left overs with beautiful results.