Sunday, January 04, 2009

First FO of 2009

Here's my first FO of 2009. It's a camera bag for DD#2's new camera that, if you can see around the blinding reflection, is blue.

So, she chose a blue themed sock yarn to make a matching camera bag. (For me to make, not for her to make. I'll talk her into sock yarn one of these days, but so far she's avoided it.)

The yarn is Trekking XXL, leftover from a pair of socks using size 1 needles and knitted on 44 sts (20 down each side and 4 on each end. Wait. That's 48 sts. Okay, I can't count. Moving on.)

That's it for now. (I have a couple of finishings to do and then it will look like more. They were mostly done in 2008 but if they're finished in 2009 then they count for 2009.)(Because I said so.)(Which somehow reminded me that school starts back tomorrow and we all get back into a normal routine. Which is good. Except for waking up crazy early. Which is bad.)

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