Thursday, May 22, 2008


My yarn came today. The correct shade of green that will co-habit peacefully with the orange and not scream at me anytime I'm nearby.

I'm leaving in a couple of hours for a road trip so the yarn came at the perfect time (super quickly from The Sheep Shed Studio) and now I have something to knit. (Well, I'm also taking an adult sock and yarn for 2 prs. of kids socks. If the yarn hadn't come, though, I would've cast on for something else. And I had a couple of ideas.)

I should be packing now, but I needed to blog first to show off my new yarn. The dryer is done, though, so I have packing to do.

Have a good weekend!

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valéria said...

Have a great weekend ruth and wishing you lots of knitting fun :-) Glad your yarn came :-) Take care.