Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tiny Bowknots

I've started a new sweater--another one for me.

It's been evolving in my head for awhile now. About a year ago, I ordered 5 skeins of purple Cascade Sierra. I guess the purple had run out since I received 3 skeins of purple and 2 of green. That's not usually an okay substition, but since I hate to return things, I dug through my stash to find one more matching skein and made my purple sweater (Katrina rib tank).

Since then, the green yarn has languished in my stash. While I've been knitting many orange and green items this spring, I came up with the brilliant idea to make another tank for me-- in orange and green. If I knit it fast enough, I can wear it to the next game.

I'm making it up as I go, so you know there's lots of frogging going on.

Here's my first attempt.

I found that the K2P2 ribbing didn't go with the 3x3 pattern of the orange, so I ripped out the green and did it again in 1x1 ribbing. Much better.

The pattern I'm using is tiny bowknot from Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns book. The raglan edges were fixed to contain even part of the bowknot and now looks better (too much plain knitting space in my first attempt.)

Looking at my yarn more carefully, I've discovered that the green is not the right shade of green. It should be a hunter green, and instead it's a teal green.

Too late now. I most likely won't even get this done to wear to a game, and if I do, it'll be only one. That will be okay (I tell myself) since otherwise it looks okay together.

I took it to DS#2's last baseball game and worked on it (you know, before ripping it out and starting over).

Here he is, broken finger and all (pinky of left hand). His doctor says it's okay for him to play. That's good enough for me.

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