Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bootie talk and waffles

I managed to miss a picture of a Finished Object. I made another pair of booties. Oh, that's right. Ya'll saw where I made the off-center bootie. Well, I ripped it out and then completed them both using the blue/green variegated sock yarn pictured below.

I was able to get 5 tan Mocassin parts out of one skein of Dalgren Baby Ull, but I needed one more so it was off to the LYS today.

I also picked up a skein of baby blue Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to knit the sock parts. The socks are supposed to be fingering weight so it might not work. If it doesn't, I'll have more "Moc" parts.

Also, here's my finished "Waffles for Brunch" sweater.

Yes, the arms are long thankyouverymuch. Even as a kid my sweaters were too short in the arms. I figure that there must be other kids out there that wishes they could have a long-armed sweater, so I made one.

Waffles for Brunch sweater pattern, done as a knitalong on Jean's blog.
Lamb's Pride bulky weight wool in the color M-75 Blue Heirloom (it's a dark teal blue, not a royal blue as all the pictures indicate.) Four skeins (125 yds. each). Had about 1/4 skein leftover.
Size 11 needles, added one repeat for the arm length, but otherwise no changes.

This was mainly my baseball/softball knitting. It got a lot of comments, depending on the weather.

Some days it was "can you finish that quickly so we can wear it?"

On others it was "Isn't it too hot for knitting?" (When is that ever true? I just hold it to the side and knit on.)

Also, a mom watched me spit slice the yarn and thought that was the neatest thing ever. (Actually, I "water" spliced it, but only because she was watching.)(To answer a question.... spit splicing only works on a yarn that can be felted. Hence, it won't work on acrylic or cotton.)

Lovely pattern--give it a try if you can!


valéria said...

I looked on the site and that's gorgeous but what size is it? Or do you alter it to your own wanted size?

Those moccasins are really pretty and I like them brown. I've a friend who's pregnant and yes now I want to go off and knit some booties ;o) I'll go on the attic today and go on with that. I've some baby booties/socks patterns out there. I'm certain of it.

Take care :o) and have a nice day.

Jean said...

It looks great! I highly approve of the extended arms...I spent most of my childhood with wrists and ankles uncovered, myself...