Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green weekend

(Anyone notice that I loaded the pictures then took off for a softball game? Well, I'm back now and ready to add descriptions...)

I received my green yarn a full two hours before we left on our road trip. In that time I ripped out the rest of the teal and a couple of inches of orange, loaded up my needles and packed my bag. (Also, I finished laundry and did the leftover dishes.)

We travelled overnight, so there was only a couple of hours of daylight. In that time I managed to do 5 garter stitch ridges. Impressive, huh? (There was also numerous ripping out as I tried to decide on a band between the orange tiny bowknots and the faux cables. After all that, I picked garter stitch.)

I left the teal neckband in. (See? I can really call it teal now that I have the proper green. It used to be called it's-almost-the-right-green-isn't-it?)

If you look closely at this picture, you'll notice that I have two sets of needles. I had both sets in my bag and realized that I couldn't remember which ones to use for the green. I had to do a feeling comparision since I had no needle measuring tool with me.

Hmmm.... this one is a bit smaller, they are both bigger than a 4 (another set that I had). They're both smaller than an 8 (another labelled set). I finally picked the larger of the two (it's maybe a 6?) and continued on.

The sweater went with me to the game the next day. (Miami vs. NC State at the ACC Championships in Jacksonville, FL. Did I forget to mention that?)

While waiting for the game to start, DD#2 and I sat out in the outfield. I knitted and she got some sun.

Not only did DS#1 pitch, but DS#2 was the bat boy. (For more pictures of the game, check out DH's photos here. )

It was such a fun experience for him, getting to hang out with the college players--and they seemed to enjoy having him there.

It was hot, though. So hot that I really should've been knitting something else. Or not at all. (Did I really say that?)

At the end of the day I had this much done:

and Miami won the game, and the next day they won the championship.

If I hurry, I might be able to wear this for a game yet. (But will I want to? An afternoon game in Miami is not where I'm going to want to wear a sweater, even if it's cotton.)

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valéria said...

too warm to knit here either...I had computerproblems, didn't got on line only in the library on the friday afternoon so that's why I was silent.

I've knitted the shawl for my friend who's getting married on june the 7th. But won't put up the photo on the blog because she reads it.

Will put it up on my flickr site.

It's done and blocked but the photo will folow.

Hope you're all fine.
Take care :-)